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Jutaí ex SC 762 seen escorting one Casablanca bound convoy, March 1943. Photo by J. R. Eyerman from LIFE Magazine archives, shared by Peter DeForest. Seen from USS Jeffrey (DD-621. Source Mike Green.

SC-497 Class Submarine Chaser

Laid down 23 March 1942 by W. A. Robinson, Inc., Ipswich, MA

Launched 14 September 1942

Commissioned USS SC-762, 7 October 1942

Decommissioned, (date unknown)

Transferred to Brazil 31 December 1942 and renamed Jutaí (CS 52)

Struck from the Naval Register (1951). Fate unknown.

Displacement: 148 t

Length: 110' 10"

Beam: 17' 11"

Max. Draft 6' 6"(fl)

Speed 15.6 or 21k

Complement:  3 officers, 24 enlisted

Armament one 40mm, two 20-mm, two or three dcp "K Guns", 14 depth charges with six single release chocks, two sets Mk 20 Mousetrap rails with four 7.2 projectiles

Propulsion two General Motors 8-268A or two General Motors 16-184A "pancake" engines, two shafts. Source: DANFS

Above a panomramic view of SC Jutai seen at full steam during one convoy escort mission.

Photo. Revista Maritima Brasileira

On 21/Jul/44, along with SC Grauna- SC Jutai, when part of screen of convoy JT-18, went on assistance to the survivors of Corvette Camaqua - C 6 which capsized and sank due to rolling sea at 09:30 hs some 12 miles northeast of Recife.


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