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09 JAN BRN-1239 set up for transfer of Naval units to Brazil under lend-lease during Fleet demobilization; BRN-1240 set up for transfer of air and radio units.

06 FEB Captain (soon Commodore) E. B. Nixon relieves Commodore C. E. Braine as Chief of Staff. Same week, Captain J. G. Huntoon relieves Captain M. A. Hodgran as commanding officer, NOF Recife.

08 MAR Admiral Monroe in Omaha sails from Recife for Montevideo for staff conferences; arrives 14 March; visits Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia during March and April.

09 MAR JT-TJ convoys suspended; never sailed again.

10 MAR Last sinking of a merchant ship by submarines in South Atlantic; Baron Jedburgh torpedoed and sunk by U-boat in 09° S, 24° W.

10 MAR DE Alger transferred to Brazilian Navy.

21 MAR Vice Admiral Enrique Aristides Guilhem, Brazilian Minister of Marine, receives last DE to be transferred; Commodore Nixon makes presentation of USS Marts at Natal.

27 MAR Argentina declares war on Germany and Japan.

31 MAR Blimp squadron 42 detached.

15 APR Fourth Fleet becomes Task Force 27 of the Atlantic Fleet; Admiral Munroe keeps title and command of ComSoLant.

15 APR Porto Alegre Navy radio facilities transferred to Brazilian Air Force.

15 APR Patoka (AO-9) detached SoLantFor, reports to ComServLant.

15 APR HTA squadron withdrawn from Belem (VP-45).

20 APR USS Seneca (ATF-91)detached after long service in SoLant in salvage and training.

24 APR VPB-125 (Ventura squadron) detached.

30 APR Igarape Assu airfield transferred to U. S. Army Forces South Atlantic.

01 MAY General H. H. Arnold Chief of AAF, visits Recife enroute to Rio.

07/08 MAY V-E Day Celebration.

08 MAY Navy radio secured at Fernando de Noronha; Army takes over.

13 MAY U. S. Army takes over Navy point-to-point and air-ground radio circuits at Amapa, Belem, Fortaleza, and Sao Luiz.

14 MAY CominCh and CNO orders Airship Wing Four decommissioned; four blimps of ZP-41 to be assigned ComAirLant for operations in Air-Sea Rescue and ultimate transfer to Brazil under lend-lease.

19 MAY Squadrons of HTA aircraft ordered decommissioned; VPB-211, VPB-203, VPB-125, VPB-126, VPB-48.

20 MAY Maintenance of NAF Fortaleza transferred to U. S. Army.

22 MAY Belem NATS radio circuits secured.

29 MAY South Atlantic officially designated a non-combat area.

30 MAY USS Cincinnati detached.

31 MAY NOF Santos closed; NOF Natal ceases to function as a reporting office.01 JUN Last operational project of SoLantfor begins: Air-Sea Rescue in cooperation with U. S. Army Air Forces and Brazilian Navy; Brazilian warships guard for mid-ocean stations on air routes from Africa to aid returning Army transport planes. Later in month, Navy sets up liaison operations detachment in Natal at Army airfield

06 JUN Brazil declares war on Japan.

07 JUN NOF Bahia ceases to function as routing office.

10 JUN Routing office at NOF Belem closed.

11 JUN YMS 44, 45, 60 and 76 detached, report to CTG 29.

15 JUN NAF Belem closed.

18 JUN USS Chain (ARS-20) detached, reports to ComServLant.

27 JUN Fleet Air Wing Sixteen decommissioned; Fleet Airship Wing Four decommissioned

30JUN Admiral Ingram arrives Recife by plane for first visit since becoming CinCLant; continues to Rio, departs 7 July aboard USS Bremerton.

30 JUN NAF's at Amapa and Fernando transferred to U. S. Army.

02 JUL YFD-38 and YR-45 at Bahia transferred to temporary custody of Brazilian Navy pending lend-lease transfer.

04 JUL Brazilian cruiser Bahia, on Air-Sea Rescue duty, explodes and sinks in three minutes in Equator and 30° W. Less than half of crew of 367 saved; four U. S. Radiomen aboard.

07 JUL Navy Radio Station MKM at Recife transferred to Brazilian Navy; final transfer of Recife installations; Naval Dispensary, Camp Ingram and DesRep 12 already transferred to temporary custody of Brazil.

12 JUL ETD of Admiral Munroe and Staff for Rio to close final business of South Atlantic Force.

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