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05 DEC 2020 - Added at B.d.U. UBOATS IN FRENCH BASES - DOENITZ AT KERNEVEL (a new page with details of Admiral Doenitz new Headquarters.)*&sub=u-boat-bases-in-france-&tag=7)doenitz-at-kernevel

25 NOV 2020 - Added one picture of Royal Navy cruiser HMS Dorsetshire at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE - RECIFE HARBOR BASE FOX.*-&sub=camp-ingram-*&tag=6)recife-harbor-base-fox

04 NOV 2020 - Added one picture at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE - KNOX FIELD HOSPITAL with a picture of the Quonset Huts surrounded by the tropical landscape with the coconut trees.*-&sub=camp-ingram-*&tag=3)knox-field-hospital

03 NOV 2020 - Added one picture at US NAVY BASES IN BRAZIL - NAF IPITANGA with a large picture of a PBY 5A Catalina on the tarmac and US Navy sailors in formation.

25 SEP 2020 - Added one page of all losses of US aircraft in the south Atlantic

The year 1943 saw an immense traffic of aircraft towards the front of North Africa, England and via Iran to Russia in an unceasing flow. Thousands of aircraft and aircraft components were shipped in crates on merchant ships, more than 200 of which went to the bottom of the sea in the South Atlantic on the following vessels: ALFRED JONES - AGWIMONTE - BENVENUE - ELMDENE - EURYLOCHUS - GLOUCESTER CASTLE - INCOMATI - LYLEPARK - PRIMROSE HILL - QUEEN MAUD - RABAUL - TOTTENHAM - TRAFALGAR - WELLPARK - PANDIAS - ALIOTH - BARNEVELD - BERHALA - MARISO - MARKEN - MENDENAU - FERNLANE - KG MELDAHL - MALOJA - CAPE NEDDICK - GEORGE CLYMER.

20 SEP 2020 - Added a new photo at US NAVY BASES IN BRAZIL - Fernando de Noronha,whichs shows an array of Quonset huts erected by US Navy at that Brazilian Island some 300 miles off Recife.

07 SEP 2020 - Added four new pages covering all aircraft accidents occurred in the south Atlantic.  The year 1942 was the period when thousands of planes made the southern Atlantic route via Natal and Takoradi in order to support the British garrison which was fighting desperately against Afrika Korps forces in Libya. General Montgomery's 8th army was not defeated, but thanks to the US war effort to bring more than 5000 planes to Egypt via Natal, Ascension Island and Takoradi.

05 AGO 2020 - Added one page completing the analysis of the anti-submarine aircrafts, this time on the Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, largely employed in the North and South Atlantic with great effectivity being responsible for the sinking of several U-boats. Fourteen PV-1 were used by Brazilian Air Force based at Recife.*&sub=anti-submarine-tactics&tag=14lockheed-pv1-ventura

23 JUL 2020 - Added one more page at ASW SOUTH ATLANTIC with the history of the Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon, a derivative and more powerful than its predecessor PV-1 Ventura. Heavier and with more endurance the same was also operated by the Brazilian Air Force with six units.*&sub=anti-submarine-tactics&tag=13)lockheed-pv-2-harpoon

19 JUL 2020 - Added one more page at ASW SOUTH ATLANTIC with the history of the Lockheed A-28 Hudson, the versatile twin engine bomber used by several navies in the Atlantic War. Twenty eight were used by Brazilian Air Force.*&sub=anti-submarine-tactics&tag=12)lockheed-a-28-hudson

16 JUL 2020 - Added one more page at ASW SOUTH ATLANTIC with the history of the legendary PBY5-A Catalina which shared an important role with PBM Mariner in hunting uboats and blockade runners. One of the them, a Brazilian Air Force unit was responsible for sinking U-199 off Rio de Janeiro.*&sub=anti-submarine-tactics&tag=11)pby-5-catalina

05 JUL 2020 - Added 2 pictures at BRITISH SHIP HIT - ENA DE LARRINAGA showing survivors of the British merchant and the headlines on the rescue of the crew.*&sub=d-e-f-&tag=38)ena-de-larrinaga-u-105

23 JUN 2020 - Added one more page at ASW SOUTH ATLANTIC with the history of the PBM Martin Mariner which had important role in the south Atlantic with several Uboats being sunk.*&sub=anti-submarine-tactics&tag=10)pbm-martin-mariner

18 JUN 2020 - Added one photo at THE NEUTRALITY PATROL - THE OBJECTIVE, showing a stern view of the Cruiser USS WICHITA CA 45 when moored at recife during Neutrality Patrol.

10 JUN 2020 - Added one picture at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE - ATLANTA RECREATIONAL CENTER showing several US sailors gathered at the balcony.*-&sub=camp-ingram-*&tag=8)atlanta-recreational-center

08 JUN 2020 - Added one picture at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE with a panoramic view fro the harbor with several ships moored including the Brazilian Battleship Sao Paulo circa 1943.*-&sub=camp-ingram-*&tag=6)recife-harbor-base-fox

26 Apr 2020 - Added two pictures at BRAZILIAN NAVY SOUTHERN NAVAL FORCE - BARRETO DE MENEZES, A full broadside view and one from the bow gun.

24 APR 2020 - Added one picture at US NAVY BASES FORTALEZA with details of barracks erected at Adjacento Field late in 1943.

20 MAR 2020 - Added two  pages at BRAZIL THE HARD ROAD TO WAR with details of the breaking of relations between Brazil and Germany in August 1942.*&sub=the-hard-road-to-war-&tag=19)german-ambassador-karl-ritter
 Ambassador Karl Ritter*&sub=the-hard-road-to-war-&tag=18)german-ambassador-curt-pruffer

 Ambassador Kurt Prüffer (C)

26 FEB 2020 - Updated the picture of US ship John Worthington, sunk 28 May 1943 by U-154.

22 FEB 2020 - Updated the picture of French ship Oued Grou sunk 4 Nov 1942 by U-126.

26 JAN 2020 - Added one picture kindly sent by Ron Leach at Royal Navy Freetown HMS BIRDLIP showing crewmembers at the ship's deck



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