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Born Indiana 1886. Retired from US Navy 1947. Died September 9/ 1952. Adm. Ingram was a charismatic, energetic, admirable commander. A tactician in the best sense. In 1941 he had been a destroyer a cruiser and a battleship skipper, also navy public relations and an excellent football player and coach. Adm. Ingram was a short sleeve diplomat, a jack of all trades. In “terra firma” he strove for a closer relationship with Brazilian armed forces and an ever growing friendship with President Vargas ensued. This bestowed him Brazilian admiration and by inference whatever facilities were requested were granted.

In Recife, due to scarce means to provide thousands of sailors when ashore with the traditional American diet, he managed one more ingenious prowess. He set up a farm at Recife’s outskirts, to supply the task force with vegetables American sailors were used to eat with no additional burden to the already strained U S Navy logistics. He so conquered Brazilian naval ratings, when he did the farewell to Brazilians late in 1944, he was presented with a genuine Brazilian nugget of gold, so he could take with him a piece of Brazil. At sea, Adm. Ingram kept his men with a high degree of training and prepareadiness for battle despite south Atlantic combat scenario was far from being as fierce as the Pacific and North Atlantic.

Adm Jonas Ingram and Brasilian President Getulio Vargas. Both had developed strong friendship ties during the war. Vargas used to call him "My Admiralty Lord"

Adm. Ingram (right) confers with Adm. Dodsworth Martins of the Brazilian Navy during the War II. Photo. Naval Historical Center.

30 Sep. 42. Photo taken as the Brazilian Minister of Marine, Vice Admiral Guilhem, was conferring a decoration upon Vice Admiral Jonas Ingram.  Photo Naval Historical Center

Adm. Ingram addressing his men at Recife

He died at San Diego, California, on September 10, 1952 and was buried in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery. His wife, Jean Fletcher Ingram (1892-1954), is buried with him. Photo By M. R. Patterson, 28 June 2003



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